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"It’s 1am. The world is asleep, but you are not. Outside your window you see bursts of vibrant colour as the stars explode one by one. Beneath your feet you feel the earth pulse with a rhythm that forces your heart to keep time. You can’t find rest through the end of the world. So you grab your Walkman and step outside to meet your friends for one last night."

World's End Discotheque is a GM-less tabletop roleplaying game about confronting death with music and magic.

Instead of rolling dice, you listen to songs.
Instead of fighting dragons, you fulfil your last wishes.
Instead of saving the kingdom, the sun explodes and you die.

Recommended for 3-5 players who trust one another.


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Having a device is a pleasant component. You can leak your desire into a voice recording. You can multiverse pre-gen playbooks you love but know you’ll probably never get to play till the end of time. A Ragamuffin, a Knight’s Templar, a maple leaf, an Infinite Maw, a Deep Apiarist. You can mark up a screenshot each with a new color each song to find the change caught in its rocks. You can collage everyone’s screenshots superimposed on a supernova.

Thank you for writing this! 🌻🌊🌌